What is 8th Gen Media? What is MONDEX8?

Mondex8 employs a fuzzy-logic system that matches definitions into contextual space, providing latitude for interpretation and the full range of human expression, while still employing an exact, technological solution with the ability to infer precise answers best matched to particular and specific human requirements.

Interstitial agreements occur ‘between the lines’ and are representative of how much of human functioning actually occurs. Have you ever had the feeling that much of what was really going on during a meeting was unsaid? The ‘space between’ what’s said and what’s not is responsible. Understanding this and making use of it are interstitial concepts, including interstitial agreements. Like interstitial space in buildings this ‘space between’ provides much of what’s needed to actually make services such as agreements run equitably (and profitably). Mondex8 lifts the ability of the communications medium to the role of structural referree, allowing players to employ space beyond the literal construct.

Perspective Diagram

What’s your ‘PEAK solution’?

By knowing and understanding Physical Energy Activity Key Solution you and your co-workers will have a HUGE leg-up in gelling a consistently effective, attractive and productive easier time of it with each other. You may even make new friends.!